Admiralty Practice


I apologise that this is a little late….

Before we had the real Admiralty inspection, we had a practice one that involved preparing ourselves for the real deal!

Even though we know we’re a very good Group, the Beavers wanted to make sure they had done everything they could to make sure we passed the inspection and impressed the Inspecting Officer.

So, there was a very busy night of ensuring we were well prepared! We made sure our uniforms were all tidy and well presented by ironing our neckers and polishing our shoes, (no excuses for not having sparkling School shoes now!) We also talked about the badges that we’d all achieved, so that we could answer any questions the Inspecting Officer asked us.

Finally, we had an actual Inspection from Sir Roberts who was a very special guest and came in his full uniform, just like the real Inspecting Officer did. This allowed the Beavers to see what would really happen at the Inspection and so not to be worried by it when it did happen.

Thank you to ‘Sir’ Roberts for coming along and helping us practice.