First Luton Beavers Police HQ!


Police car film

First Luton became a hive of activity when the hut was changed into a Police Intel Unit for the evening! PC Hedgehog came in his day job role as a Police Officer and set up quite an exciting activity for the Beavers to partake in….a crime scene investigation. There had been a theft of some silver cutlery, could the team solve the crime?

Key questions were: Who had stolen the silver cutlery? Had they left clues at the crime scene? Were there any witnesses? What were the First Luton Intel Unit going to do first?!

PC Hedgehog brought lots of equipment to make sure the Beavers dressed the part, taught them how to do the special slow policeman walk and went through exactly what they should be doing to catch the thief!

First up, crime scene analysis: “DNA” evidence was gathered, the scene was analysed for all the things it could tell us by looking at it. There was a broken window; maybe that was how the culprit got in?! Evidence was gathered in special bags to ensure it wasn’t contaminated.

Then there was the door to door inquiries, had people seen or heard anything? Everything was recorded on the crime log.

The team then moved onto local shops to speak to people about whether someone had tried to sell them any silver cutlery that day. Score! A breakthrough! Owl reported that a person she knew only as Bear had tried to sell her some silver cutlery that morning and she knew where he may be!

There was finally a suspect and he fitted the description given by witnesses. It was time for an arrest!

Bear was found in the car park, sitting  in his silver car with a bag clearly labelled SWAG! Inside was silver cutlery, surely it must be the stolen items?!

Bear was arrested, questioned and taken to a holding cell. He confessed to the crime and got into a lot of trouble! He was given bread and water and nothing else, hopefully he won’t misbehave again!

The Beavers all said they had enjoyed solving the crime, perhaps we have some budding detectives in our midst?!