‘Groovy’ Tie Dye!


The Beavers were channelling the 1960’s and 70’s  as they got to grips with an element of their Creative Challenge badge, tie dye!

Bear led the activity and came prepared with wonderfully bright tie dye colours of blue, orange and the less popular but still wildly exciting, vivid pink!

There was a range of items to dye, from cloth bags to vests, even a pillow case! The key element for the tying was elastic bands and after some initial elastic band catapult fun, the Beavers settled down to design how their items would look, ‘post dyeing’, by blocking out sections of fabric. This was done by fastening elastic bands around the bits they’d picked. Bear explained this would mean the dye couldn’t get to the fabric in those sections, and would therefore make a pattern, once the rest of the fabric had been dyed.

The Beavers queued up to place their items in the dye colour of their choice. It was a careful process, as we didn’t think Schools would want bright blue children in their midst the next day!

Bear and Owl then rinsed the dyed fabrics off whilst everyone played crab football. Rabbit took all the items home to dry over the weekend.

We are looking forward to seeing how the patterns emerge next week! Watch this space…..





…..We got out tie dye creations back! Check out the designs below!