Knee Boarding at Box End Park


Friday the 13th is unlucky for some, but not for First Luton’s Scouts!

On the 13th of September, our troop night took place at Box End Park, Kempston where 26 of our Scouts dared to take up the challenge of knee boarding! Most of the Scouts are all too acquainted to the standard Friday night water activities, and knee boarding proved all to difficult for many…. including the leaders!  Sadly at the beginning we saw many face dives into the water, as the power of the cable tow was just all too much for some of the victims! Oh sorry…. i meant Scouts! Looking across the lake,  through the torrential rain, you could see strewn bodies bobbing about everywhere… thankfully all swimming! It was beginning to look like a scene from a horror film out there!  However once they found their feet, or knees should I say, they soon took to the water like a duck.

Strapped to a polystyrene board (I’m sure they are more high tech than that!) we started to see some pioneers in the sport. Many eventually made it to the first corner, some even the second or third!

After long, it became all too much for some of the Scouts who reverted to being dragged around just on their bellies… Ouch! A couple dared not give up, and some even became confident enough (or stupid enough!!) to have a go at full wake boarding (That’s where you stand up).

All together it was a fantastic night where many of the scouts got a chance to try a new activity. All gave it their best shot and from comments overheard, they loved it! They certainly hide it well if they didn’t…

We hope to visit again next year so they can develop their skills, and for those who haven’t tried it yet to have a go.