LAMP Competition


First Luton Beavers have entered the LAMP:Build a House for the Homeless Competition!

There were some strict criteria that they had to follow including:

All entries must be no bigger than 50cmX50cmX50cm – they may be smaller.

All entries must be in model format i.e. 3 dimensional.  Drawings or pictures, even if they are 3D, are not eligible.

But there is a good prize! LAMP will award the winner of each category a £100 monetary prize.  The categories will be:  Under 16 years of age: Trustees’ Choice: and most creative entry.

So we’ve got our fingers crossed!

So what is LAMP?

“LAMP is a local christian charity that has worked in Luton, Bedfordshire for over 15 years supporting young vulnerable and disadvantaged people between the ages of 16-25 who find themselves, through no fault of their own in a homeless situation. We have earned a reputation for delivering high quality support, advice and for genuinely caring for young people who are facing problems.

LAMP’s aim is to transform the lives of disadvantaged homeless 16-25 year olds in Luton and the surrounding areas, and to enable each individual to realise their full potential, live independently and participate fully in the community.  LAMP achieves this by first providing a safe living environment, and secondly as part of the LAMP Move On Project, with the client we put together an individual support plan which gives step by step career guidance, life skills, financial management etc.”

Thank you to all the parents who brought down junk modelling equipment-we were snowed under! (See pictures below!)

The models will be on display in the Mall shopping centre from Tuesday 28th May until Friday 31stMay in Luton.  So go and check them out in person!