Cubs, Beavers, (and leaders) face their fears!

OwlBeavers, Cubs

Beavers and Cubs joined together last night to “face their fears” on a reptile handling evening at Bowling Green Lane. It was also a chance for the leaders to face theirs as well… they were definitely  more difficult to persuade to undertake some of the “fear” challenges then the children!

Ro’s Reptiles brought in a selection of snakes, spiders (gulp), lizards and scorpions for the children to see, touch and hold-if they were brave enough!

There were:

Boa constrictors that could grow up to be big enough to eat a whole deer…

Multi-coloured corn snakes, ranging from yellow to pink, green to brown…

A “baby”, (although it was huge already), albino green Burmese python..

A lizard that would eat anything and needed to be on a lead for walkies….

A spider that had recently had over 200 babies….(some had escaped in their house….)

Some scorpions that looked pretty scary…..

All the animals had one thing in common; they all came from Countries/Continents beginning with the letter “A”…America, Australia, Asia, Argentina and Africa.

We also learnt what the difference was between a snake and a lizard and it wasn’t that one had no legs! It’s that snakes don’t have ears or eyelids!

Pictures below of some of the children (and leaders) being exceptionally brave!

You can find out more information about Ro’s Reptile parties and shows by or looking them up on facebook.