Snappity Snap! Photographers Badge!



The Beavers returned their rare piece of homework this week to finish the Photographers Activity Badge.


Photographers Activity Badge

To achieve this badge they had to:

  1. Show how to use a camera to take a good photograph.
  2. Create a scrapbook showing the different uses of photographs (eg news, advertising, art and so on).
  3. Take ten or more photos and show these to members of the Colony. They had to explain: Why they liked the photo? What made them take them?

There were lots of different photos taken, from ‘selfies’, to racing cars and favourite pets, to pesky younger sisters and brothers who wouldn’t keep still!

We all enjoyed listening to each other to hear about our favourite photos. Paddy also spoke about how different it was to take pictures in the past when you had to sit still for at least 1 minute for the photo to be taken!

See some of our photos below:

IMG_8428 IMG_8432  IMG_8427 IMG_8426