The Scout Movement was started in 1907 by Lord Baden-Powell and his ideas quickly spread throughout the country. Many groups were being formed and it is around this time that a group of boys decided to meet in a house in Clarendon Road to form their own Scout troop. The meeting place was provided by the mother of one of the boys who allowed them to use her bedroom where, oddly enough, the 1st Luton was ‘born’.

New members joined the group and adults joined to become scout masters. Other troops were started later in the area but few survived.

A large bugle band was formed in the troop and in 1910, the 1st Luton went to Silsoe to form a Guard of Honour for King Edward VII at a large rally. They were also invited to the national rally in Windsor Great Park in 1911.

By 1913 the 1st Luton had moved its headquarters a number of times and had grown to over 150 members in the troop. It had also formed a drum corp to support the large bugle band.