Firestation visit pics


In June 2014 the Beavers visited  Studley Road Fire Station and met Fire Fighters Nye, Ashfield and ‘Tomo’ from White Watch. We had a great time as you can see! Thank you to all of White Watch. Spraying water video More spraying water! A quick escape video! Listening to the siren video

Snappity Snap! Photographers Badge!


The Beavers returned their rare piece of homework this week to finish the Photographers Activity Badge.   To achieve this badge they had to: Show how to use a camera to take a good photograph. Create a scrapbook showing the different uses of photographs (eg news, advertising, art and so on). Take ten or more photos and show these to … Read More

Outdoor Cooking


The Beavers got stuck, (quite literally with the dough), into cooking as part of their Outdoor Challenge Badge this week! Yummy dampers were made, some with a centre of a sausage and those with a sweet tooth, smothered in chocolate sauce instead. Paddy arrived early to ensure the coals were just right to cook the dough over hot embers. A bit of … Read More

Construction: with a twist!


The Beavers were set a challenge, they had to work in groups to build the highest tower in a very tight 15 minute time frame. The twist was, they could only use marshmallows and spaghetti! The even bigger challenge was not eating the marshmallows until the towers had been judged and measured!  Would they be able to take on the … Read More

Group Camp at Phasel’s Wood: May 2014

OwlBeavers, Cubs, Scouts

14 excited Beavers turned up for their  camping experience with Scouts on the Saturday morning. Quick as a flash kit was thrown into rooms and parents quickly forgotten (sorry parents!) A whirlwind of activities was about to start, some of which  as you can see below. The Beavers had a great time, no tears or tantrums, just  smiling faces and … Read More

Anyone for a fruit kebab?!


The Beavers spent an evening learning all about healthy eating and tasting lots of yummy food too! Check out the pictures below to see them get to grips with making smoothies, fruit kebabs for an alternative snack, learning about different foods and tackling sandwich preparation! A successful evening where they all earned their Healthy Eating Badge       

Messy Science Night


Check out what the Beavers got up to when Allan organised us a messy science  night! Thank you Allan  We had to conduct our own experiments to see what made a film canister lid pop off  the fastest, when the canister was filled with water and a vitamin c tablet…. was it more or less water and tablets? There was … Read More

Admiralty Practice


I apologise that this is a little late…. Before we had the real Admiralty inspection, we had a practice one that involved preparing ourselves for the real deal! Even though we know we’re a very good Group, the Beavers wanted to make sure they had done everything they could to make sure we passed the inspection and impressed the Inspecting … Read More

Easter Fun!


A favourite activity of many, the Beavers got creative with shredded wheat, chocolate and mini eggs! There is only one outcome with those ingredients and it tastes great! Everyone took it in turns to melt the chocolate, break up the shredded wheat and mix it all together…there was also a lot of spoon licking at the end as well! Hope … Read More