Knee Boarding at Box End Park


Friday the 13th is unlucky for some, but not for First Luton’s Scouts! On the 13th of September, our troop night took place at Box End Park, Kempston where 26 of our Scouts dared to take up the challenge of knee boarding! Most of the Scouts are all too acquainted to the standard Friday night water activities, and knee boarding … Read More

LAMP Competition


First Luton Beavers have entered the LAMP:Build a House for the Homeless Competition! There were some strict criteria that they had to follow including: All entries must be no bigger than 50cmX50cmX50cm – they may be smaller. All entries must be in model format i.e. 3 dimensional.  Drawings or pictures, even if they are 3D, are not eligible. But there … Read More

Cubs, Beavers, (and leaders) face their fears!

OwlBeavers, Cubs

Beavers and Cubs joined together last night to “face their fears” on a reptile handling evening at Bowling Green Lane. It was also a chance for the leaders to face theirs as well… they were definitely  more difficult to persuade to undertake some of the “fear” challenges then the children! Ro’s Reptiles brought in a selection of snakes, spiders (gulp), … Read More

Chief Scout Bronze Award Record at First Luton!


We were very proud to have 7 Beavers achieve their Chief Scout Bronze Award this term-the highest a Beaver can achieve! You can find out more about what they did to achieve their individual Challenge Badges that make up the Chief Scout Award at the link above, or more generic info on the Scout website here:,18,82 We are always working … Read More

Red Nose Day Scout-a-thon Night!


A rainy evening didn’t dampen the spirits of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of First Luton Sea Scouts on Friday 15th March at their Red Nose Day Scout-athon Challenge event. 72 children and their leaders pulled together to raise a staggering £1400.65 (including  gift aid) for Comic Relief by taking part in a series of sponsored challenges that tested their mental … Read More

First Luton Beavers Police HQ!


Police car film First Luton became a hive of activity when the hut was changed into a Police Intel Unit for the evening! PC Hedgehog came in his day job role as a Police Officer and set up quite an exciting activity for the Beavers to partake in….a crime scene investigation. There had been a theft of some silver cutlery, … Read More

Outdoor Challenge Badge


The Beavers have been very busy this term completing their Hobbies Badge, Safety Badge and continuing to work towards their Chief Scout Bronze Award with activities for their Friendship Challenge Badge and Outdoor Challenge Badge. This last badge was the focus for their activities on March 7th and saw them taking part in 3 different activities. Could they learn 2 … Read More

Hobbies Badge


Our Young Leader, David, decided that as part of his training he wanted to organise the completion of the Hobbies badge for the Beavers. David made a booklet that the Beavers took home to record what their hobby was, how long they’d been doing it for, who they did it with and why they enjoyed it. They could even add … Read More

Summer Camp 2012 – Rutland Water


Hi All This year the Scouts Summer camp was held at Rutland Water in the East Midlands. Below are photos of the various activities we took part in, including lots of sailing, kayaking, cycling, climbing, high ropes, trip to Drayton Manor and lots more………… Hope to see you all at Summer Camp in 2013

Fun at the Fire Station


Matches, lighters, never touch, they can hurt you very much! This was just one of the lessons the Beavers were taught at our visit to Studley Road Fire Station. We were made to feel very welcome by Firefighter Cook, Firefighter Karavadra and Firefighter Sherrington from Blue Watch, who showed us around the station, including all the secret bits that the … Read More